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The island's illness by Julia Bezerra

Ok. I have just came out with this theory yesterday, and it's the first one.
When Jacob's mother give birth and is killed by he crazy lady who took care of the island, it made me realize we have somehow forgot about the reason why Juliette was brought to the island and her responsability in treating sick babies born in the island.
What if, in fact, she was trying to treat not the baby, but the mother?
We all know that Rousseau got violent crazy in the island; so has Claire and both had their children in the island. Even Faraday's mother send her son to death and make his life miserable, and maybe the fact that she didn't spend her whole life in the island made her seem less crazy, but she send her son to death without hesitating.

So, the reason why the others were told to separate mother and child would be, to avoid the kids getting killed. That would explain why the adoptive mother of Jacob and MIB has actually killed their biological mother: to avoid that. And the reason why Claire and her baby had to be apart.

Maybe the evil in the island is actually a sickness where mothers kills theirs children sometime, kind of a fate thing. So Alex has actually survived because of Ben's kidnapping.


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