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Sawyer...the new MIB by Centrailia PA

Me and My family have been LOST fan for 6 years. Me and Dad were dicussing LOST and throwing some ideas back and forth and we came up with this theory.

We believe that the two people left on the island will be Jack and Sawyer. And this is how it will happen:

Jack will be announced the protector of the Island. He will then be shown the 'Light' in the middle of the jungle.

Kate is the love of the both Jack and Sawywer. Much like Mother was the Love of Jacob and MIB. At one time or the other, Kate liked both the boys. But she has always liked Sawyer just alittle more. Like Mother favoring MIB over Jacob. Some how Sawyer will accidenty kill Kate. Yes it will be an accident but Jack will think that he killed her to get back at him for Killing Jullet. And, like Jacob did when he discovered that Mother had been Killed, Jack will go into a blind rage and and throw Sawyer into the hole with the light. So now Sawyer will be the new MIB!

Jack has the same qualities that Jacob has. He does not want to leave the Island. he is a fixer. That is just what Jacob wants to do. That is the whole reason he brings people to the island. He wants to 'fix' humanity. To show that people are good. But like MIB Sawyer wants to get off the island. That is his motive. Every thing he does, he does to bring him closer to leaving the island. Also, Jack has been off the island. Jacob too has been off the island. Sawyer has not left since that crashed there in 2004.

The series will end with Jack sitting on a log looking looking out over the ocean. A cruise ship is comming over the horizon. Then Sawyer will come from behind and join Jack on the log. Sawyer will look at Jack and say, I want to kill you so bad right now!
And so it begins...

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