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The Purpose Of Across the Sea by Adam Rhodes

I finally understand the purpose of that episode and why the Adam and Eve flashback was put in that annoyed everyone. Once you take a step back and look at the greater scheme of things from a philosophical view point it all makes sense.

Lost seems more about Science Vs Religion since the start of the show. Dharma(scientists) vs The Others(religious cult), John(man of faith) vs Jack(man of science), wanting answers or blindly following what you've been told through faith hence MiB(made the wheel) and Jacob(believes his mother) in Across The Sea.
I don't believe there is such a thing in Good and Evil, especially not when their personified as entities like God and The Devil or Jacob and the Black Smoke because obviously they're not that Evil or Good as they both do evil and good things.
What I do believe is that Jacob is right for all the wrong reasons just like religion (lies/hidden truths for the greater good), and MIB is wrong for all the right reasons, just like how science may go too far in this world leading to nuclear holocaust and the light going out in Lost. All this in an effort to find answers, answers that we may never know or shouldn't know, this is the general message Lost is giving us.

Which brings me to the point of the episode, It is extremely like the Garden of Eden in the Bible in the way that God (Jacob/protectors) told Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of knowledge (digging for the light) and then they were persuaded by the snake (the people MIB lived with? Humanities thirst for knowledge) to eat from the tree (dig for the light), being previously warned by God that they will surely die (mother says a fate worse than death), yet the snake says you will be like God (MIB turns into the smoke monster which was originally mother), difference being that Adam and Eve was banished and MIB was stuck here for all eternity to play out his role as God, because this time the snake was right.

I got annoyed originally because at the end of the episode I thought hang on the mother and MIB are nothing like Adam and Eve, but the story is and you can't expect the writers to play out Adam and Eve or any other Religious story perfectly because that would just be unoriginal and copying while also giving favouritism to a certain religion when Lost is about uniting all religions to be the same thing.

This brings me to my last point, they clearly hinted in that show that this is also about The Viewers Vs The Writers, with the whole every question will only lead to more questions. Fucking deeep maaaan, very clever way to get out of not giving us answers.

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