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Pushing the button to "save the world" by Nate

Remember throughout season 2, the emphasis on the hatch button being pushed to "save the world"?

Turns out after all that there was truth in it.

People were pushing the button for years, knowing that if they didnt at any point, then O-815 would be able to crash onto the island. Once this happens, it allows MIB to find his loophole, kill Jacob and escape, destroying the outside world (as has been threatened many times).

So... does this mean that these events have already played out before? Desmond has allowed for the button not to be pushed? MIB escapes and destroys mankind? And this is the second iteration where a bigger emphasis has been put on making sure the button is pushed....?

...Except again, O-815 has crashed. MIB has found his loophole. And he will escape.

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