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Okay, I think that all along with this series, we've been shown pieces, constant flashes, slight answers that revolve around the end game of lost. And since it's taken this long to actually reveal the ancient native secrets of the island, and since it's taken around 4 years to wrap up the series, I think there may be a chance that it's revolved around a huge reveal.

Okay, I think that Jacob and the MIB are the last remaining natives of the island, and due to their immortality, and special powers, I think it's fair to say that they may have god-like powers that they have inherited from their family, or the island.

Jacob and the MIB do have a past. I think when Jacob spoke of the island acting as a cork for evil, that evil is of the dead spirits that are held there, maybe they're being held in purgatory, because it seems that the only way to get to the island is to be guided, or be able to guess where or when or in what galaxy it's in.

I think the past of Jacob and the MIB are going to explain everything, and become being the biggest reveals. Maybe they are brothers, and inherited their god-like powers from their Father or Mother, who may have been defending against a different evil incarnate. As alluded to previously this season, something tragic probably happened that turned MIB an evil incarnate, and gave him and Jacob the powers they have.

Well somehow, likely after a long period of time, they began playing a game. Jacob has the powers to look, and study anybody who he may want to send to the island, and he likely sends them all in groups. I think the MIB is allowed to make countermoves, and he may be allowed to bring in people to corrupt, and manipulate into bringing conflict through and through the island.

There is so much past and history to the island that the thought of it being a game board among gods seems intense. I think that they've shown the fear regarding smoke monster. He can cast a sickness among men, he can kill anybody but candidates. Dharma feared him, the Others fear him. Every body must be buried or they may be canidates for the sickness.

The rules that keep being alluded to, may turn out to be a complex list due to the science involved in the past and native mysteries.

Ben and Widmore both know of this, as does Richard. Widmore is only concerned with power, we've been told this. And I think the reason he's heavily supplied with a crew, is because he wants to make sure that he's the one that inherits Jacob's role and eventual power as ruler of the Island, we still don't know who Wallace is, and Jacob may have left him as a candidate as a last resort to keep the game going. He clearly knows what he's doing, he's been on the island for a long period of his life. Ben was a leader, and may have been also battling the MIB. He set up a looking glass station, manipulated, and made The Others very efficient, and apparently him and Widmore had issues among their leadership.

Jacob has also been setting up a plan. The MIB's loophole was manipulating Richard into thinking Locke was special so he could finally be respected as if he was the leader of Jacob's Others. And with that trust he was able to kill him. Jacob's loophole is probably regarding the final candidates that he's been studying and chose to have come to the island. Candidates are the game pieces of the game he is playing. They are protected by Jacob from the MIB killing him, but may be vulnerable to other peoples actions. I think it's likely that Jacob could choose the role's and powers he gives to his game pieces. The game pieces they use are also able to use the mysteries and powers of the stations on the island. They can go back in time, and change things in the past, or future. There are probably a lot of "Game Changers" involved in lost that we haven't known.

Candidates are also potential successors to Jacob, and as the job suggests, you may also play the game, making moves bringing good people to the island that would be able to sacrifice for the greater good.

I think the final test for people inheriting powers from Jacob, is that they accept they not live in a life without Jacob using them in his game. The flash sideways is part of the Oceanic's game changer. And there are people there that actually are disinterested with their own timeline due to the danger of the state of the Island, Ms. Hawking attempts to keep the timeline stable, but that's because she's a believer in WHH and believes her husband will eventually find the island and become the Jacob. The dead ones eventually do move on to LA X, But the dark pieces, they remain in purgatory, contained by the very same island cork of malevolence.

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