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parallel worlds by Lizlost

My theory, which has been touched on quite a few times on forums, is regarding parallel worlds or parallel universes. In Lost the writers have touched on quite a lot of mysteries and I think that during the series they have mentioned quite a lot of different ideas or mysteries such as time travel, the Egyptians, the idea of aliens or beings that are not human and seem to live forever. My theory is that the flash sideways are really glimpses into the other universes or universe where everything is opposite (mirror effect) of our own universe. The reason why the smoke monster is held on the island and must not leave is because, he was created in the "light tunnel" where there is a great force of energy, and when Jacob threw his brother into the tunnel he created a force which is energy together with human intelligence. This force, if it did arrive in the world, would cause a Big Bang which would destroy all of the universes. As the most famous and intelligent scientists of our time have admitted to believing in parallel worlds or universes, which share our gravity and because of this the gravity is not very strong on the earth, it is said that the orginal Big Bang could have been caused by parallel worlds emerging together or clashing creating our universe, so perhaps the smoke monster could cause another Big Bang destroying everything. The smoke monster is not all evil, but does not believe in Mankind any more after thousands of years of watching man destroying himself, and for this reason wants to finish everything, whereas Jacob still believes in Mankind and is trying to stop the smoke monster from leaving.

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