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ALT Desmond is the MIB by The Substitute

Has it not occurred to anyone that Desmond in the ALT has been behaving a little weird since his exposure to the electromagnetic generator on hyrda island in the OT? We've all attributed this to the idea that his consciousness has been flipping between both realities. However, i am starting to think otherwise.

We all suspect there is a major twist coming our way. I think i know what it is. Desmond in the OT is MIBs way off the island. Somehow his immunity to electromagnetism, and his ability to go to the source of the island, will allow MIB to possess Desmond's consciousness in the ALT.

So why do i think this? Well several reasons actually. Firstly, a few episodes back, Desmond in the ALT said that he "didn't like surprise" or words to that effect, which is exactly what Flocke said in the OT. In the OT Desmond is Jacobs "failsafe" whereas in the ALT - true to the theme of mirror image and reflection we have seen throughout season 6 - he is MIBs "failsafe". Moreover, with his dark suit, his dark glasses, and his black limo, the producers couldn't be giving us more obvious clues. More significantly, what is Desmond in the ALT doing? He is recruiting, just like Flocke. He is getting all the 815ers to remember their island life in order to get them all at the same location - in this instance the concert, just like Flocke did in the OT. I strongly suspect that when he achieves this, he will try to kill them all.

Of course this theory raises several questions, not least of which is how did smokey come to possess Desmond in the ALT, but i think that will be revealed in the finale.

Apologies if this has been posted before. And BTW i do hope i'm wrong.

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