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My theory is simple, everyone died on the plane, this is why you see the plane at the end with no one around.
The people that didnt come to the island where HAPPY and at PEACE in which they could easily pass to the "other side".

However Jack/ Locke/ Kate etc etc had unfinished issues.
Jack needed to save the world (which he did do in the end)
Kate needed to make up for killing someone etc etc etc (you can work out the rest)

The island did exist and was a place for resolving life before passing, however it had been discovered by people in our reality who wanted to find out the true power which they did not fully understand.

The basic theory it was limbo

They made the other realities SO they could cross over with the most important people they WOULD have ever met - each other (but they had never met in real life) - but they had to find the people who! so they could go to the church and cross over into the light happy

Ben didnt cross over because his life was only just beginning (daughter and french woman) and he had to become happy before it was his time. Plus he was looking after the island (number 2)................... but people like Ana-Lucia could not accept death and where not happy ("not ready yet")- but everyone was still dead in the (if the plane had never crashed) reality - LOST SOULS searching for happiness/peace in their own way.

dark man understood this and wanted to get off the island to the real world so he could live for real but they could not allow that.

Hugo stayed on the island to make it easier to become happy and cross over (a non religious person - kinda saying you dont need religion..........just happiness) with Ben to help after.

That is what i think...............

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