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Jack's Cycle of Life by SpLoDGe

I love this theory http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/05/sideways-world-is-not-purgatory-human.html#more and it inspires me to write another one of my own.

Jack always comes out of the cave of light and wanders to the bamboo, lies down, shuts his eyes but because the Light cave regenerates him he then opens his eyes again to find himself back in his suit just after 815 has crashed and he starts all over again. BUT this last time (the last circle) he went to the past blew up a bomb, created sideways which is a place where he can better work out his issues and escape the loop of reliving his life over and over on the island after the crash. He finally accepts that he should die at the end instead of the Light re-generating him because he has made his peace. This could be a similar resolution to the MIB after he came out of the cave. In this case I would think that the whole of the Sideways took place for Jack in the cave. We also see other people’s resolutions because they will also create this place when they die and share it. Since the sideways is timeless, whenever the Losties die (Jack on the island, Sun and Jin on the sub, Kate maybe of old age) they can encorporate the people they know to share the end, the working out of their life’s issues, to pass over to the other side together.

These are Jacob’s rules. The Light is the source of life and death, as others have theorised and Jacob allows people to have a better death by bringing them to the island. He changes their course in life to try to make them better people, change the way they die and allow them the resolutions from their lives which allows them to pass over. Ben still has a few issues at the end, he still needs to work out some of the bad things he did, have another go at reliving his life so that he can pass over to the other side.

What happened on the island happened, kindof…

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