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My LOST finale dream by gonnamisslost

Okay..so I had this dream about the LOST last episode (yeah, I'm so excited for tommorow- and waiting anxiously!!!) and it was so scary even just watching it in my dream. So I only decided to write this because I'm waiting anxiously (I bet you all are too) and there's nothing else to do than wait for the finale...So this is just to take up my time in the mean time! :)...so, here it is :)

So, there is this big boat and Jack is standing on the edge of it, as if he's "ready" for something and his face is so serious, almost like the one at the top of the page, and just when he's about to do something (I don't know what exactly but it was as if he was getting ready to be the new leader) someone shoots him! (I'm guessing Ben? But I'm not sure) Then, Sawyer comes along and goes "What the hell?" Then he gets shot. Then there's Kate, but she put's her hands up before they can shoot her and they're talken about why they shot Sawyer and Jack (I don't know who they are still) and they say because Jack and Sawyer "Can't do what they're gonna do." (??) so...Kate then runs away and runs around the boat and stuff (and this part is like the trying to wack a mole in its hole sort of thing but in windows..LOL, it was kinda of weird..) anywho..Kate escapes and runs into the jungle and meets up with Hurley and then she says "We have to go!" Then in my dream, the TV decided to crash down and I was soo pissed and was trying to fix it.

I want to look all this stuff up in a dream book, LOL maybe it means something :)
Not much, but that's what it was!!

Hope you all have a fantastic time watching the show, with tears and laughs and OMG moments :) and it will be everything you wanted for in the show!

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