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I have been watching this amazing show from the beginning and mostly working things out in my head along with reading theories online. This will be my first and last theory on lost and how it may have to end.

First of all, this is all based on the assumption that the ALT timeline or FSW is real and the island is underwater in that reality. We now know that the MIB's goal is to kill all the candidates on the island and destroy the island. Jack and the other losties goal seems to be to protect the island and kill the MIB. Perhaps the way that this whole loop always ends the same is that the MIB kills them all and destroys the island freeing himself from his chains thus causing the end of the world... Since Jacob said there is progress it seems that each time through this loop the canidates are getting closer and closer to saving the world, or preventing the man in black from finding the light.

It seems likely that the only way to destroy the island is to sink it. I do not think the H-bomb sunk it though, if it did then why are the losties still alive on the island? I think the H-bomb caused a loophole in which the characters will now be able to communicate with their Island selves from a future with a sunken island. This will in essence show the losties on the island that even with a sunken island the whole is not over...

I predict that when all the losties get together in the ALT desmond has a plan that will enable them to advise their on island selves in real time. the concert may have something to do with frequencies of music and their ability to open that part of thier minds.

I think that by connecting these two realities psychically the on-island losties will realize that the only way to kill the MIB is to throw him back into the hidden light from which he emerged originally. Jacob may have tried to do this in the past but he couldn't because of the spell which ensured that Jacob and MIB would not kill each other. Now Jack will have to do it.

The only real way to protect the light from going out due to human error is going to be to hide the island where no man can ever find it, at the bottom of the sea. I am assuming that in the ALT the light still exists because everyone is better in that reality. It is also possible though that the light never really needed to continue burning and that that whole concept was a trick to keep the "protector" so tied down to it, much like the thought that the swan station not having it's numbers reset would cause the end of the world. I think the only way to both sink the island and kill the MIB will be to throw the MIB into the light with the C4 which Ben revealed in the past episode.

Jack will have to fulfill his role of protecting the island by sinking it or essentially destroying it. MIB wants to sink the island so that he can be free of it but I believe once Jack and the other losties can communicate with their ALT lives they will see that they don't need the island intact to be better. They will realize that even with the underwater island and no jacob in their lives they are better off. They will also realize that sinking the island will not cause the end of the world.

I do think that after the losties kill Flocke the smoke monster will take the form of Christian and Jack's final sacrifice will be to kill his own father (or at least seemingly) by throwing that body into the light with the C4.

I have other theories about other aspects of the show but this is my prediction for how it all ends. Everyone on the island along with the smoke monster will die and the island will sink. that will solidify the ALT as the new core reality and join the characters memories from both realities. I think in previous loops Flocke ended the world by destroying the island and escaping onto the globe but by killing Flocke's body (which I predict will be Christian at that time) and destroying the island at the same time (throwing body and explosives into the light) the water will extinguish the smoke and the MIB if he still exists underwater maybe takes on the form of a dead shark or something and that was him swimming by in the season 6 opener.

I may have some flaws I admit in this theory but please pick it apart, let me know what you think?

I also think the MIB has been visiting the candidates off the island just like Jacob did the whole time, remember Christian's speech from his dad after his childhood fight about "don't choose, because your can't handle failure" was MIB trying to keep him from being the candidate to choose that path. We know the MIB has been taking the form of different dead bodies on the island for sometime now so why not? Just some more food for thought

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