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MIB's HomeFST is Jacob's Plan B by Shai

Ok so i had a few things in my mind, and after the last episode i decided to write down some things and share it with u:

1. Mibs home -
MIB keeps talkin about how he wants to leave the island and going back home.
Now, i dont know how many of you thought of this but....lets ask ourselves a hypothetic Question:
Lets say the year is 1800 & something, you are ageless, on a deserted island.
200 years FWD, Where exectly would you go to?! who would be waiting outside for you after all this time??
We have already learned that the MIB doesnt plan to leave on the Ajira + hes responsible for blowing up the sub, So i think its safe to say that MIB isnt really planning to start some new life in Florida.
remember jacob explaining the "Wine Bottle" theory to richard?
The evil which the island corks? i think thats HOME.
MIB doesnt want to "go" home, he wants to bring home to him = All hell break loose.
Thats what jacob was keeping him from doing, and thats what the candidate(s) are supposed to keep preventing him from doing.

2. FST is Jacobs Emergency plan :
I don't know if jacob travled to the future and saw himself getting murdered or if he just realised that Some day MIB would succeed, but he knew, therefor he made a plan which we are seeing now on the FST - even though 815 didnt crash, everybody meets each other, and they all start to realise that something is wrong, remember Daniel telling desmond about the nucbomb?
I think soon enough we'll see everybody from the plane realising that the bomb was change in their life they shouldnt have made..

and a tiny thingy i just had to get rid of...
Remember the producers saying that stephen king is a BIG influence?
Remember the ending of "The ShIning"?
Where you see jack in an old photo from years back,
meaning that this evil spirit always existed?
and probably always will be recarnationed..

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