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Hi Guys! I haven't posted too many theories on this site (more of a commentator these days), and this isn't a mythos busting "I know it all!" theory, but more of a thematic "wouldn't this be cool if..." theory. Here goes...

I think that when the MIB left the beach with the gun and said he was going to "finish what he started", he may not have been talking about the Losties, he may have been talking about Widmore. Killing Widmore, in his mind, might be his "one for the road", after all this man has caused him numerous hassles, and he may even need something from him before he goes.

So now onto the conflict... I don't think it's going to have too much to do with the main story line, but what if we get to see in an upcoming episode the MIB square off against Widmore? Remember, Widmore and his sidekick Zoe are still alive, and I'm sure they know that the MIB is coming for them. They also have some sort of plan. Granted, a wrench may have been thrown in this when the Losties were rescued, but then again, could that have been a part of the plan?

Widmore is a master manipulator and strategist. He's a brilliant and resourceful man. Do you really think that he would have left the generator outside of the sonic fence barrier on purpose? I can't believe that... I think he WANTED them to escape. It's possible that he wanted this to happen so they would get to the plane and he could destroy it, but I don't think that's the case either... if he really wanted to destroy it, I would think that he could find a better hiding place for the bomb, don't you? Why even bother hiding a bomb, when you can plan a tactical airstrike anywhere on the island? No, I think Widmore wanted all of this to happen, and I think he knew that the smoke monster couldn't escape on the sub.

So when they do finally meet, I see it playing out similar to the battle between Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan in The Watchmen. For those who haven't read the book (if this is the case, you may want to stop reading this now and go read The Watchmen, one of the greatest works of fiction ever written), Ozymandias is the smartest, richest, most powerful man in the world. Dr. Manhattan is a being that has evolved into what can only be compared to demigod after an accident destroyed his mortal body (sound familiar?).

Ozy (for short, haha) laid a trap for the Doc, knowing he was coming. Remember, he's a genius with unlimited resources. He thought he might be able to stop Dr. Manhattan with his intellect, and he rigged a device he believed would destroy Dr. M. Needless to say, he underestimated him and did not truly understand what Dr. Manhattan was. He failed, but the reader got a clearer glimpse into what Dr. Manhattan was and some key elements of the story from the dialogue that took place between the two characters.

I think we might get a glimpse into what MIB is during this conflict. For example, Widmore gives his speech after the trap is laid, something to the effect of "I know what you are", yayayada, then MIB overcoming it and countering with some insights of his own, something like that... then probably icing the poor old SOB, since Widmore's story is pretty much done at this point.

I know this isn't much of a theory, but I just thought that thematically this would be a cool thing to see in an upcoming episode.

*Please note: I am not trying in anyway to say that Lost is Watchmen, I just think that The Watchmen is one of the many sources that Lost taps into for certain story elements and themes.

Anyone think that a Widmore MIB showdown is in the works, and that it might playout like this in some fashion?

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