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love this show by ..a.black.after.lost.

ok so first to every1 thats bashing "the end" please please dont ruin it for us that did understand the ending and got something out of it please no rude comments ok im just a big fan of lost that brought me closer to my brother and im forever thankful for that to the writers and the actors. ok

so first of ill start with the end of the episode. the losties, purgitory, or consiness awaking or alt timeline, is the place that the ghosts that have visited the island that are meant to be realsed from the islands hold after they died are meant to go. but the smoke moster /mib/ locke /flocke was what was stopping that from happing for the losties, the story was ultimatly about there story and how as christian explained it best there time on the island was there real life. it wasnt exactly explained what wouldve happened to the island/losties/ or world but it most likly leads to the fact that it wouldve been destroyed. but please do not consider that as the true story of lost. think of it this way every movie has a lead role right , so jack is the main character that doesnt mean the whole story is all about him. i consider the end as a big unsaid quote keep your own faith. it doesnt mean god ... the light after the door in the church open, or purgitory ... the alt it means keep faith in your selff thats it you and your self. oyea personaly option only the very end scene with jack walking the part of the forest where he first got to the island and lies down then VINCENT my favo random time slot character shows up at the end to lie with jack to "sleep" / die, its goes unsaid for any fan but the very begining was vincent waking jack up now its vincent putting him to sleep.
again thank you so much for this amazing experince from a show. its good to feel faith again. in my self. please feel free to leave any kind of comments you wish.
...forever a lost fan,, now i know how trekkies feel.

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