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Blink of an eye by Matt G

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Regarding time and the life and death of the characters.
I refer to the Sideways time-line because that is what the creators called it. OK here we go

Theories of time and space as modern physics, religious and or spiritual beliefs are in play here. The Bringing together of Science and Religion has always been a goal of lost.

It was not a linear time line in the sideways time-line,(start here, end here). In the sideways time-line that ended up being them dead, time was irrelevant as we see it. Various people died in different times, ie. Sawyer, Hurley etc. died after Jack. The island was real. Those who survived lived; and moved on and did what we do not know. Those who had died on the Island went right into the sideways time-line in the blink of an eye. The time from death to being reunited was a blink of an eye for all of them when they died. The writers are and have played with our view of time.

Of course they were not dead on the Island, what happened there was real, but what happened in the sideways time-line was not real in the a three dimensional sense.

My last point is this. Limbo and an Empty Heaven and Hell was a widely excepted Christian theology. As philosophers and theologians critiqued the idea of where the people are that died yesterday to the dawn of time a new theory and a now excepted one developed. We all come to the place of birth and judgement at the same time no matter if we died a thousand years ago or tomorrow, we leave this world and it's rules of time, we arrive at the same time no matter our time of death.

Christian theology of purpose and spirit/ Modern physics and fourth dimensional time/Eastern thought and the nature of material space is all being played with.

Funny so many people saw the island as limbo or purgatory as the show actually better represented it's theological replacement.

Please forgive my writing/spelling, I am trying but my brain hurts and I am very tired.
Thank you

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