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Luckily I believe the writers have very wisely left us with a movie opportuninty based on what we saw in the opening scene of LAX. So here it goes...

A modern day treasure hunter sends a deep sea probe into the Pacific based on structural anomalies seen by their sonar. As the probes edges deeper into the depths it’s light eventually shines on the remains of a four toed statue on the floor of the ocean. Captain “what on God’s Earth is that?” Black Screen LOST.

What we come to learn is that MIB had actually accomplished his plan of sinking the Island and escaping (as seen at the beginning of LAX). He had used the properties of the Island (unbeknownst to our heroes) to trap the consciousness of Jack and the others and give them false memories believing they had defeated him and saved the world. In reality, he actually killed all of the candidates, throwing their souls all into the false sideways reality. All our Losties have died sadly ignorant as to what really occurred. When they finally enter what was to be the light from the church in the last scene of the finale they find their souls are trapped by the darkness unleashed by the smoke monsters escape. It is the smoke monsters ultimate plan to destroy the world and trap and enslave the souls of the rest of mankind. To accomplish this he needs to unleash destruction and darkness upon the world (as Jacob and Widmore predicted he would do if he escaped the Island)

Smokie has been off Island actively and subversively working to bring about the end. He secretly knows of another opposing powerful electromagnetic anomaly in the deserts of Tunisa. With the life light of the Island now out and under the ocean, he makes way to release its sister source of darkness from Tunisia to obliterate mankind. This is where LOST the move picks up and here is how it would play out:

Ben (having not entered the Church) through a numvber of events realizes in the false Sideways reality that they have all been tricked by the smoke monster.

Aaron still alive and now a young adult finds himself with a similar ability to communicate with the dead that Hurley had. Ben is able to appear to Aaron from the sideways universe to try and convince him to stop the smoke monster.

The plan in short:

Through the course of the film Aaron hook ups with Ji Yeon and a middle-aged Walt and all three work together to get back to the sunken Island and get the plug put back in to have it reemerge from the depths of the ocean. Once that is completed, they then turn the Frozen Donkey wheel to move back time to just prior to the Oceanic 815 crash. The rest of the movie involves them working together to avert Oceanic 815 from ever crashing and somehow convincing the Lostie’s of the critical importance of them going to the Island by a different route to ultimately destroy the smoke monster and take away his ability to ceate a loophole to kill Jacob. By accomplishing this they would not only save the world but also release their own trapped souls from the darkness he has unleashed.

It’s going to rock!!!

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