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In 2007, the world has been going nuts over the disappearance of Ajira 316.

Its only been three years since the crash of Oceanic 815 and now another plane has disappeared in the South Pacific and has been missing for over a week.

But wait, news agencies have gotten notice that none other than Jack Shepherd, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes, Sayid Jarrah, and Sun Kwon were on Ajira 316! The survivors of Oceanic 815? WHAT!!! Conspiracy theorist begin to flood the Internet and suspect some fishy is going on...

As it turns out, the Ajira 316 plane DOES reappear, and it seems to have crash and taken off again, somehow. As it lands at a nearby South Pacific airport, the runway operators wonder how a plane held together by duct tape, bamboo sticks, and cardboard managed to hold together in mid-air.

The news agencies arrive to welcome the long-lost passengers of Ajira 316. But what is THIS?! There are only 6 survivors... AGAIN! This time, Kate Austen is joined by James Ford, Miles Straume, and Claire Littleton. The Ajira pilot Frank Lapidus has made it back, and they also seem to have picked up a passenger without any known identification named Richard.

The world is baffled at how Claire Littleton and James Ford, who were thought to have died three years ago in the crash of Oceanic 815 have mysteriously shown up on the Ajira flight. Officials demand to know where the remaining Ajira passengers are.

The survivors are detained for questioning, and the world awaits answers. Through a combined brainstorming of Kate Austen and James Ford, the Ajira 6 escape custody. Miles Straume sells his diamonds on the black market and distributes it among the 6.

Sawyer takes the money and goes to live the rest of his life out his daughter Clementine and her mother Cassidy.

Kate decides to raise Ji-Yeon, in commemoration to Ji-Yeon's parents and Kate's lost friends, Jin and Sun.

Miles finally tells Claire that he thinks she's still hot even though she's crazy, and the two of them take Miles' money and raise Aaron as millionaires

Frank uses his money to buy his own Island in the South Pacific, enjoying the rest of his life baking his chest hair in the sun all the days of his life

Richard re-enters the real world and uses his 150+ years worth of knowledge to climb up the political ladder and eventually become mayor of Gotham City. He is later killed by the Joker

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