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The "Lost" Matrix by David Toddi

Have you ever thought about the similarities of the Matrix storyline to the Lost storyline.. It came to me the other day when MIB stated again that he just wants to leave the Island, and be FREE.. similar words that Agent Smith used in the first Matrix movie.

Here goes:

We have the Island security system as is has been called in earlier Seasons (MIB / Smokey / Flocke)
The Matrix security system ( Agent Smith ) -
Both of these characters want out (smokey & smith), both of them are trapped by some form of cork, confined by boundaries and rules, both unexplainable entities, both of them gained colossal powers after being overthrown and destroyed by their opposing rival.

The Endless Loop of Time & Events….
In the Matrix we remember that the path of the One always ends the same when Neo (the one) arrives at the Source, except in the latest iteration, the Architect sensed a difference...he sensed that this "One" had a feeling the predecessors didn't, he was in love (lost alt-timeline) and had the choice to save both Trinity and the City of Zion.

In lost: "They come, they fight, they destroy.. It always ends the same... " (quotes mib /smokey)
"it only ends once, anything before that is just progress" replies Jacob..
This indicates that this has been happening for a very long time, just like in the Matrix. The search for the one, the path of the one, Jacobs list, The Candidates..
This time my guess is that its going to actually end… something is different this time.. we have love… we have ….Desmond.
Desmond... Just like Neo, the rules of the Island don’t apply to him.
Desmond was unaffected by Islands Electromagnetic powers, and now by the look of it, is able to jump back and forth in time withought any physical or mental damage… he is emotionless.. fearless.. knows the future.
Just like Neo when he came back to life by the power of love in the original Matrix movie… he was fearless and knew that he would be ok and defeat Agent Smith.

Somehow through love and most likely a sacrifice, (as Neo did to stop Agent Smith) Desmond will defeat Smokey with his powers he has attained that we are possibly unaware of, Jack will become the island light source protector and the island and mainland will leave peacefully in harmony.
I believe that Desmond might hold certain powers from the light source, from the good/light side that we haven’t seen or heard about…..
Time will tell…

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