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Don't know if anyone else has come across this item yet, however it sure can relate to LOST. To make it short (for now, more to follow...)

There were 2 Archangels born twins, Michael (named changed to Jacob in LOST) & lucifer (our MIB). When Michael and Lucifer was born, a prophecy foretold that one of twins would be the harbringer of destruction but the other would be the child of Light. Everyone though Michael to be the former and Lucifer to be the Light-bringer, especially after Lucifer's ascension to the post of the Morning Star, one of the highest levels of the Angel hierarchy. Ironically, in the end it is revealed that Lucifer is the prince of darkness and Michael the Angel of Light. This research lead me to the name Belial. This is where it ties into LOST...

It is written Edgar Cayce spoke of the existence of Atlantis, a legendary continent with an advanced technology whose refugees peopled ancient Egypt as well as pre-Columbian America. Cayce's description of Atlantis has much in common with that of Ignatius L. Donnelly. According to Cayce, Atlantean society was divided into two long-lived political factions—a "good" faction called the "Sons of the Law of One," and an "evil" faction called the "Sons of Belial." Many people alive today are the reincarnations of Atlantean souls, he believed, who must now face similar temptations as before. It is said Atlantis suffered three major destructions, one of which was the deluge. According to the readings, a major source of turmoil was the Sons of Belial's desire to exploit the Things, sub-humans with animal appendages and low intelligence, and the movements to protect and evolve them by the Sons of the Law of One. The final destruction was the overcharging of the crystal which caused a massive explosion.

Just something I came across today! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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