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This is my first time posting here, so please bear with me.

I am almost certain that MIB will be killed by the end of the series. But how? We've seen people attempt to kill him several times. He's been shot, stabbed and even survived a missile strike! I've seen a lot of people on here talking about the "don't let him speak to you" being SUPER literal. At first, I thought this, too. But then I remembered when MIB told Richard the same thing when he was trying to get him to kill Jacob. If this is true, then how was Ben able to kill Jacob after he spoke to him (and was spoken to) for a decent while before stabbing him?

Here's my theory: MIB can only be killed by being stabbed, just as Jacob was...but ONLY by someone who is not (or no longer) a candidate to take Jacob's position.

Here's why I think this: According to these "rules" of the island, MIB could not kill Jacob directly. There needed to be some sort of loophole where someone else did of their own free will. I believe the same is true for MIB. Now, since Jacob is dead, I believe that all those who are still a candidate to take over Jacob's role can't kill MIB, either. Which would make sense, seeing as though Sayid was a candidate when he stabbed MIB in the chest. So this way, MIB can't kill the candidates directly and the candidates can't kill MIB directly.

If my theory is correct, then I think the people most likely to kill MIB would be Desmond, Ben or Richard. As far as I know, Desmond and Richard were never candidates and Ben MAY have been, (it could have been his father) but is not now. I see Desmond having a huge role in the finale, and that could be putting an end to MIB. Ben could also be the one to do it as some sort of revenge for MIB tricking him into killing Jacob. And Richard is also a huge possibility because of what his wife relayed to him through Hurley. It's still up in the air, though.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this and I would love to get some feedback!

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