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Aaron & Kate are the answer to all by Ray Furka

Aaron is the key to it all. Since the beginning of the show Claire was told in flashbacks by the psychic that she, and only she, must raise Aaron. Eventually that did not happen and it is being overlooked up to this point as to why?.....MIB personally made sure that Claire and Aaron were separated by posing as Christian Shepperd. If in fact Kate is no longer a candidate, and that is not guaranteed yet because Jacob has not said that, could it be because she was the one who raised Aaron?

Now, as for Kate, why does everyone just believe MIB that she is no longer a candidate? If in fact she no longer is then why didn't MIB kill her at the temple with the rest of the others?

I agree with the previous thread that Aaron may be the candidate but whom he replaces is not guaranteed yet as he was not raised by the right person

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