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I have been posting for a while (but not on Dark UFO) and made some correct predictions(which are dated before they happened and are based on yin/yang associations in lost) and im only putting them up here so people are more likely to stick with this post. The ones that come to mind are:

: sayid would betray flocke
: that ben would make a choice to be with jacob in his episode
: that hurley would make a choice to be with mib in his episode

My main prediction is Flocke will be new Jacob and Jack will be new Smokie – which I have been saying since nearly the start of the season.

One reason for thinking this is that when Locke was pushed out the window by his dad the camera angles made it look like Locke fell "right into" Jacob. This was very deliberately set up to hint at Flocke/Locke will become new Jacob.

Also alt Jack recently called alt Locke a candidate in "the candidate" - i think this was also a hint.

Also in the pilot, Locke had a creepy moment with an orange in his mouth while looking at Kate. Orange is a Yang color. New Jacob (yang) = (f)locke. Jacob, who dresses in white(the main yang colour) clearly
represents yang for this and other reasons. Same but opposite goes for mib.

Kate also asks Jack in the pilot what color stitching he would prefer for his wound - Jack picks standard black (yin). New Smokie (yin) = Jack.

In the same conversation he states that flying lessons weren't for him - a rising movement is a yang movement so I would say this is Jack rejecting a yang association.

A good analogy of yin / yang is a seed sprouting and rising to the sun(a yang movement) and then the fruit of the plant falling to the ground (a yin movement) and out of this dying fruit a new seed is born and the cycle restarts.

You can see in the yin yang symbol the seed of yin is in yang and visa-versa

In this philosophy yin becomes yang and visa versa.

Locke is the yang seed inside the yin mib/smokie.

So I think the above are the pilot hints people have talked about. However, when looking at yin yang associations closer Jack is yin in pilot and yang for rest of show and Locke is yang in pilot and yin for rest of show. I think this is because the writers wanted to make it clear they knew where they were going from the start. Also remember that yin becomes yang and visa versa so before Locke becomes the new Jacob(yang) he HAS to be associated with yin and before Jack becomes the new yin(smokie) he HAS to be associated with yang.

Here are the Locke (yin) associations and Jack(yang) associations
outside of the pilot:

Jack's number is 23 in original timeline = yang - odd number
Locke's number is 4 – yin = even number

Jack - free will - yang
Locke - fate - yin

Whenever Jack plays chess he is white(yang)(1 time I think)
Whenever Locke plays chess he is black (yin) (3 times I think)

When Jacob touched Jack he touched him right (yang) hand to right
(yang) hand and both standing(yang - mountain)
When Jacob touched Locke he touched him left (yin) hand to left (yin)
shoulder and both were on the ground (yin- valley)

I am going to refer to the plant metaphor for yin/yang again so for ease of reference I will repeat it here.

A good analogy of yin / yang is a seed sprouting and rising to the sun (a yang movement) and then the fruit of the plant falling to the ground (a yin movement) and out of this dying fruit a new seed is born
and the cycle restarts.

If you apply the above yin /yang thinking to the 2 universes it would seem the new universe could be the fresh "seed" and the old universe could be the withering plant/fruit. If the numbers are like the numerical representation of the life force of a universe then we could explain the numbers as follows:

In original: numbers are bad luck for Hurley and Valenzetti equation says numbers predict the end of the world = the life force of the universe is withering (like an old plant) and about to die.

In alt: numbers are different from original numbers and good luck for
Hurley = life force of universe is fresh and strong like a new seed and universe is not doomed.

By this thinking the original universe will end and the new universe will continue.
You would have to assume as well though that the new Smokie and Jacob will be form the original universe so I am guessing that Flocke and Jack will cross over to the new universe and (possibly in the process of switching over) Flocke will take over Jacks (or someone else's) body and Jack will get smokie power. (I've been saying this long before that casting call sheet for the finale)

I have lots of other reasonably coherent theories on
timeline splits what the three specific scenarios the three lost suppers correspond to an explanation of the fertility problems (a decaying bomb on its own does not explain shriveling wombs, a times 5 sperm count and immune
systems turning on fetuses).

I will end with a specific Hurley prediction and a vague Kate one to add to these other bigger predictions. I will spell out the info that led me to these predictions first.

Jacobs touch: When he touches right to left or left to right it is a neutral push.
He did this to Sayid, Sun and Jin -> now all dead.

I think when Jacob touches right (yang) to right (yang) it is a yang push. He did this to Jack and Sawyer.(nb Jacob said "we all need a little PUSH now and then")

When he touches left (yin) to left (yin) it is a yin push – he did this to Locke and Hurley.

Kate is special because she was touched on her nose and therefore not right or left. I think she will have a special neutral role at the end.

Hurley was dressed in Charlies vision in John the Baptist robes: I think this will mean he will be instrumental in bringing about flockes / lockes change – possibly by talking to the ghost of mibs mother on his behalf like he did for Richard. Hurley also had a “yin” push - left(yin) to left(yin).

Couple of other things –maybe somehow the mother had both the yin and yang role and split it out to Jacob and Mib.

I would guess Ben will betray Flocke.

Thoughts welcome. . . . . . .

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