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This is my first post on the Theory of Lost. I've read many great theories and some equally great analysis on the show over the past six years.

I don't know how this will stack up.

First of all I'd like to say that I think the show is filled with red herrings meant to throw us off the basic story. They have created an environment where the viewers can't see the forest because of all the trees. They've sent down paths that mean very little to the overall story like the whispers,
Who raises Aaron, is Walt special, why are polar bears on a tropical island and many, many more. They intended to answer some, but there is little interest in answering all of them because they mean nothing to the overall story. It's not unlike a magic act. What a magician attempts to do is to get the audience to watch one thing while the magician is doing something else.

I tried to look at the story of lost more simply and from a higher overall level. I just followed the time lines. And here is what I found.

We start in 1974. This is when the time traveling Losties (Sawyer, Juliet, Hugo and Miles) started their 3 year existence as Dharma folk. The time length corresponds to the Oceanic six's 3 years off the island from 2004 to 2007. 1974 is also, from the look of the flashbacks, the time when Jacob starts interfering in the candidates lives. I will call this Timeline A. Timeline A brings us to 2004 with all our Losties "broken". They're "Lost". They get on 815, Desmond fails to push the button causing the crash and our adventure on island begins. After a few months the Oceanic 6 escape and the island travels back to 1974. After 3 years the Oceanic 6 travel back to 1977 to join up with the time traveling Losties. A little hijinks there and we have the old Jughead whatever moment. That is where Timeline A ends.

Timeline B is when the non-time traveling Losties land with the second airplane and FLocke appears, does his little evil stuff and the mayhem ensues. At this point

Jughead sends the time traveling Losites back to Timeline B to meet up with the rest of the island gang. More angst and confusion follows. In the end FLocke will be defeated, killed, whatever (we don't know how just yet) and this event will sink the island and end Timeline B.

This action will send EVERYONE back to 1974 to start Timeline C, or as everyone here has called it the ALT verse. Jacob no longer has to interfere to bring them to the island because "It only ends once". Without his interference Sawyer still has his anger, but he becomes a cop instead. Kate really didn't kill anyone. Jack resolves his daddy issues. Miles is funneled into physics by his mother and gets to pursue his passion of music etc...

Timelines A and B are now closed loops. Timeline C is the true timeline. By creating these two time loops Jacob is able to finally end the Smoky threat and let life go on as it should. In the end the Losties will all have their AHA moments and realize how they were able to save their world and "find" themselves.

All the other stuff that we theorized about is just distraction.

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