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Live Together, Die Alone by Philippe Grégoire

Hi everyone, here is a short theory on what, from my point of view, was the flash-sideways and how does it tied with all of the rest.

«If we don’t live together, we’re gonna die alone.» - Jack Shepard

This a classic quote from the show, it has been said a lot of times, and after re-watching the Finale, this quote came back to me and gave me this idea. So here it goes.

Each and every one of our characters died alone. Sadly for our losties, even if they tried to do what Jack told them since season one, to live together, they eventually died alone, some point in time :

«Everybody dies some time, kiddo… Some of them before you, some long after you.» - Christian Shepard.

They died alone since when their death happened, they would be going someplace else alone, while the others would go on with their lives. So what is the point of trying to live together, trying to form a community and gain the trust of other if you’re gonna die alone. Because by living together, they were able to create this «place» where once everybody would be dead, they could try to come back together and move on together for real this time.

«This is a place that you all made together so that you can find one another» - Christian Shepard.

By living together, essentially on the island, by having faith in each other, by being able to sacrifice yourself for these others. This is what was important. They all came to this island alone, and they ultimately found something there, something really important.

This «place», they would arrive in it with no memory of each other. They would also be able to have access to this «place» once every one of them would be dead. And since their community started on a plane, since they were able to live together starting from that day, it would be fitting that this new «place» would bring them back together in that plane, but this time with no island interference. From there, it would be up to them to be able to remember what happened, and ultimately, to move on.

They lived together. They died alone. But they moved on together.

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