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Im not going to argue with anyone about anything…I liked the episode, and the way Lost ended…
Its your choice whether you did or not…
Im left without questions, without desire…I am left satisfied. That is not to say that they answered everything, its just to say that I really dont care.

For anyone who thinks that everything that happened on the island was pointless…

Without the island, and Jacob bringing them there, they would have never been “good” people, and most likely would have never gotten the chance to make the decision that Ben made outside of the church…they wouldnt have even realized that much…they would have not been ready, as Ana Lucia was not ready when they died.

These people needed the island to move on to the next step in their existence, which is plain and simple…the afterlife…which led to a bright light, that many would refer to as heaven.

Juliet was going in and out of death/life when she told Sawyer “It worked.”
She saw what was going on, just as Charlie saw what was going on when he almost choked on the heroin.
The FSW represents this afterlife, or more-so the purgatory that so many thought the island was.
The FSW was not real…Jacks son was not real.

David was a creation by Jack in his “perfect world” to help him get through to understanding what happened, and why he is where he is. We didnt know who Davids mother was until then…because Jack probably didnt even know…
These people created existences for themselves until they realized that they were ready to move on, and not a second sooner.

The closest I came to picturing this happening was my theory, “An Occurrence At Our Parallel Bridge”. I titled it this way due to the actual story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”.
“Owl Creek” follows a man who is sentenced to death.
Upon his hanging, the rope breaks, and he falls into the water. He then lives a life as if he had gotten away for a short time, making it all the way home to his wife and child. Upon arriving home, he starts noticing pains in his neck, marks, and burns…much like Jack noticed in the premiere and other scenes in the FSW. It ends, much like Lost, where the person realizes that they did indeed die, and the pain was real in another life, so to speak. And they both end up dying/being dead in the end.

I knew this was right…but they threw me off course by pressing the issues with “FLASH sideways”, and I got caught up in the FSW being “real” and went the direction of “parallel” timelines…damn…oh well, alls well that ends well…and I feel Lost did end well.

The island, and everything that happened on it was real…everything.
What happened on the island was the main story about a group of people that landed on an island saving the world from darkness, and being given the gift of eternal light.
The island was a scientific/spiritual marriage of light and dark, essential to the existence of the world, and the energy can be used for either good or evil…all depending on the eye of the beholder.

The story on the island is separate from the FSW because it could have occurred completely without it, and yet with it, we were able to see that these bad people…these “flawed” individuals have made up for things that occurred in their past and gotten the redemption that they needed to get.

The whispers explained earlier were more than likely what they were explained as…spirits of people trapped on the island. Which is why Michael isnt there…Walt was too tall to fit into the room apparently.
This made me look at Anthony Coopers character more, he got what he deserved…this was most likely not the real Cooper though, more like a reflection of what our characters saw him as…or should be…I would imagine the real Cooper is on the island with Michaels spirit.

I think they took a lot of chances with this episode, and I think they knew what they were doing all along. The show has always been based on faith, no matter what anyone has ever said…and the finale proved it to everyone.
They knew they were going to do this, and they found a way to make it happen in a way that I felt played very well into what I have always viewed Lost as. Purgatory was a reference/theme from the first season (Gary Troupe)…lets not forget that.

The island was not purgatory, as some believed. If anything gets that label it was the FSW.
There is no time there, no limits. People who die appear as they would to the person they are interacting with.
Hurley obviously died well after Jack did, but they are there…together…all of them. That is all that matters in “The End”.

Its an interesting take on “Live Together, Die Alone” if you think about it…sacrifice and die alone…to live together forever.

I loved all the reunions from Jack and Kate (”I missed you so much”), to Sawyer and Juliet (”Come here Blondie”)…even Sayid and Shannon was bittersweet…and I love that I hoped they would all end up together…at least I sort of called one thing, lol…
One reunion stood out to me though…the reunion between Claire and Charlie was amazing.
It was really the most emotional realization for me throughout the entire show, and easily the happiest of all for me to see last night…no idea what it was…it just really got me.

I must say…its quite annoying to hear people say how pointless Chritian was…or even worse Aaron.
These people were beyond important. They were the constants that some of our characters needed to connect. Aaron began Kates initiation into enlightenment in the FSW by her simply seeing his toy. Then her and Claire connected through the “delivery”…and Charlie connected through Aarons touch!
Christian was ultimately what brought Jack to the other side…after a brief encounter with Kate who I just mentioned. Christians casket alone was enough to give Jack “a little push”, then he got pulled in by the love of his fathers hug…

These people may not have been the KEYS to Lost…but they were the keys to certain characters finding themselves. Without Aaron…who knows who may have NOT gotten connected on the other side. Claire was not supposed to raise Aaron…but she is supposed to be his mother.
Aaron was beyond important…beyond the island…
Why did he need her love and goodnes…I dont care. I was happy with what I got.

The whole time Jack was letting Des turn off the light, I couldnt figure out what he was doing…and then I saw Locke bleed…he took away his power. When he said “Im going to kill you” and “Its a surprise” earlier…wow…great scenes with Jack.
It was great to see the showdown on the cliff in the rain, epic actually. And to see Locke get killed by jack in that manner was really quite amazing…loved Jack getting stabbed.

Him being stabbed by Locke also goes back to my “Owl Creek/Occurrence” though…
Remember the scar in the mirror…it wasnt from his appendix…it was HOW HE DIED…being stabbed by Locke…the knife wounds gave that away for me easily. Wonderfully done throughout the season.

On Jimmy Kimmel after the show, he asked Harrold Parineau why he thought Michael wasnt in the room with them at the end. He said he thought Michael did bad things, and died (add in:within the radius of the island)…and figured he was trapped there as he told Hurley…making the like the island a hell itself TO SOME, as was interpreted in “Ab Aterno”.

I think this same thing is what was happening to MIB. He was a human, who was willing to go to any length to get off the island. He went with people that he admitted were bad, manipulative, power-hungry people and tried to build the wheel to leave the island.

Jacob technically killed him, but as mother said, what happened to MIB was worth than death, which is where the losties ended up in “The End”.
He ended up trapped on the island, like I think Michael is…except that due to being thrown in the light at the end of the tunnel upon death…he was able to materialize through the black smoke, and actually find a way to get off the island…a loophole.

Unfortunately for him, this was also the loophole that Jack used to kill him.

I obviously wasnt a fan of the plane leaving…but as soon as I saw Lapidus…I knew what was going to happen.

Just so people understand too…the reason Kate, Sawyer, and the rest could leave on the plane and still be with them in the FSW and church at the end is because the FSW is the purgatory…the place with no measurement of time…they wait until they all are together…which was very important throughout the entire show…them doing things together, leaving nobody behind…

Time is only relevent to the living…in the FSW…NOBODY was alive…most just dont realize they, themselves, are dead.

And even in death, when the ones who did realize waited for the others to “let go”, and they wouldnt leave each other in “The
End” until they did…

Lost proved to be a playground for intellectuals hunting for fun, and a letdown for people seeking handout answers. Some of these answers are right in front of our faces, and others are meant to mythology of what was Lost. We dont learn how the “Force/Darkside” works in “Star Wars”…or how the “Sirens” in the “Odyssey” are able to pull in ships with a simple song…its mythological interpretation left entirely up to the viewers/readers, because when compared to what the story was REALLY about…what it REALLY stood for…its pointless.

Lost is a show that I for years…tried to breakdown and unlock, mostly to no avail…
Lost is a show that I will never forget due to what it has given me on a site like this…with people like you…
Lost is a show that proved one thing that I have said all along that no one can take away…

Lost is a show about science and technology paving the way for hope, faith, and spirituality…

As the last thing I ever post here, I would like to reiterate something that I wrote before…something I truly believe with all my heart.
This is a short (slightly edited) excerpt from a theory I wrote right before the season began…and I still believe it now that Lost is over…
Its from, “The Greatest Theory That I Have Ever Seen…”

“The creators of Lost wanted to give us their perspective of what would occur if time travel was
possible…they researched, they went to the depths of the minds of some of the greatest writers
in the world. They scoured the pages of the bible, they reincarnated Buddhism. They poked
around in Steven Hawking’s library. They played mind games with the greatest philosophers in the
known history of the world. They wrote a story about the lives of survivors of a plane crash on an
island, and came up with nothing short of genius for an answer…only giving us small pieces and
clues to decipher and decode at a time…

Leaving us …scrambling to solve the equation before they wrote the final answer on the
chalkboard…to what is in my opinion, the single greatest science fiction/spiritual plot device ever invented…
They convinced me…all of us, to research…to explore, to study, to search….to learn… all the very
same subjects they researched, explored, studied, searched… and of course learned….
We had to go through the same thing to truly understand…
It is the very same questions that they are answering themselves…

How would time travel play a role in history if it was to exist?
How would it…how could it affect the soul?.…and to me, their answer… is “the
greatest theory I have ever seen.”

How anyone can feel “cheated” or even let down is beyond me…but Lost is, was, and always will be a show based on perception…what you see…what you choose to see, or choose NOT to see is up to you, and what you get in “The End”.
It has given me peace and happiness, and at the same time caused nosebleeds and craziness right here on this site.
I urge you all to let go of questions and answers, and enjoy what they have given us…their story.

Just like in LOST…the light at the end of the tunnel is what you allow it to be…

One more time…thank you all very, very much for your time… and I will miss you all very, very much…

-Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

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