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I've seen a lot of threads basically saying "If you're so smart, how would you have ended Lost". Well here it is. This was, to me, the most natural ending.

The alternate universe is not limbo. The finale would happen in generally the same way, except Ben and Hurley would turn the frozen donkey wheel for one final time skip. They would go to 1977, the same time jughead was being detonated. Desmond would then pull the plug, Jack would kill MiB, and the Island would sink, killing all the remaining characters in the original universe.

Since Desmond is the "variable" who can actually change the past, the result is that the future is changed. It only seemed like Jughead caused the alt to exist because Desmond went back to that moment and sunk the Island.

The fans would then recognize that the alternate universe actually represents the new timeline where the island was sunk in 1977. Ben and his father were on the Island, but got off before it sank. 1977 Jacob sank with the Island, and was not there to tamper with the losties lives. Without his interference, there were many changes, like Jack having a son and Rousseau making it to America. Everything fits in one nice timeline. The alt universe replaced the original universe, similar to the end of frequency when the future changes.

I would explain how Jacob's absence changed their lives by having a twist and making him and MiB both somewhat evil, like all the characters. When MiB had Jack at knifepoint, he would explain that Jacob was the one who made their lives suck so bad because he wanted to con someone into voluntarily accepting his job. Desmond would then give him the shot in the back. Desmond and Jack would hatch the plan, and send Sawyer Ben and co to the frozen donkey wheel. It would be redemption for Sawyer because he is trusting Jack and sinking the Island even though it means drowning; he has faith it will change the future.

The losties then remember their lives on the Island, even though these lives have been "erased" by Desmond's actions. They can only remember fragments because "it is a violation" but it is enough to nudge them towards the ones they love. The series ends with them all converging in a happy recognition scene like the Finale that aired.

So anyway, that's what I would have done.

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