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A few loose ends by bobrobnob

Ok. Finale was a bit.....Meh. Im happy the characters got their endings but not so happy about the lack of Mythology. So here is my take on the Mythology side.

Ill start from the beginning. The island.

The island has always been in existance since the planet was created in fact it would probably be the very essense of life itself. The island has been protected by a single being since man was created/evolution (i put both to not offend beliefs) As to how people got there? its going to be one of the questions like "what happened before the big bang?" or "where did everything start because everything starts from somewhere?". We will never know the answer to these questions and the islands beginning will be no different. Now we were shown the arrival of Jacob and MIB's Mother. We know she was brought here by "mother" but i believe she made a mistake. She needed someone to be her successor as protector of the island and having a child who has no other influence from outsiders. Now Jacob was the first born, the definate successor to her, second out was.....he has no name. He never had a name, Just like "mother", he was "brother". This is verified when he asked richard if the man he spoke to was a "man in Black" I wont delve to much into the smoke monster issue as i am only seeing it how it was - an unconsious man floating on water into the "light" and as they cannot kill each other the only way for MIB to survive was to become the monster. This will only be my assumption of how the monster was created.

Over the course of history Jacob brought many people to the island. With it bringing different cultures and faiths as referenced in the show numerous times. We then end up witht the Dharma Initiative who made it to the island. They were invited by Jacob to study the time travel element of the island. Jacob knew he had to keep up to date with the outside world as new methods of finding the island were available. They then invented the jamming station to stop further people from accessing the island. Dharma carried out their tests on the island, i wont go into the dharma stuff as we all knew what happenned here. The numbers on the hatch were the numbers of our candidates all of which had time travelled. they were key to the worlds future because if this had not happenned then the "light" may have gone out altogether.

The Long Con - the people who were conned? US!!! We were lead to believe the events that happenned in season 5 resulted in an ALT reality, however we now know this was the afterlife.

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