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"It Worked" and "They're Coming" by The Scribe

This isn't a complete theory for Lost by any means... this is my last chance, before Sunday, to guess about some things that I believe may happen in the Finale...

In LA X (6x01), Juliet's dying words were "It Worked". When she said this, she wasn't referring to the bomb... to do that, she would've had to have had her conscious jump to the ALT and back again. No, I believe she meant something else.

In "The Incident" (5x16), Jacob's dying words were "They're Coming". Who were coming? The Candidates? Possibly...

I believe, actually, that both of these statements will play into the Finale quite heavily. Jacob is, indeed, referring to the Losties. I believe, though, that they're coming from the ALT. Not on a boat... not on a plane. Their consciousness is coming. All of them, living or dead. When Juliet said "It Worked", she meant that something that they've done in the ALT worked - something that Island Sawyer, in 6x01, wouldn't know anything about.

Are they all going to kill themselves in the ALT...? Is Desmond going to kill them?

What happens when they die in the ALT? I can think of two possibilities for this:-

1) their consciousness returns to the island. The ones who died on the island? Maybe their ghosts are released...;

2) some sort of happy ending will occur... all the people who died on the island will have their lives back off the island in another, proper reality..?;

3) something else entirely.

The remaining question would be: how did they get to the ALT? I reckon they got there as a result of something happening on the island in the Finale.

We know that the finale will be 2.5 hours long (including adverts) so how about this:-

Part 1 (45mins) deals with happenings on the island leading up to the creation of the ALT, "destruction" of the island, etc

Part 2 (45mins - 1hour) deals with happenings in the ALT leading up to everyone dying, the "major event" that Faraday hinted at which could alter realities - and which could bring the island back and send the Losties' consciousness back there...

Part 3 (45mins - 1hour) deals with "finishing it"... wrapping things up on the island, killing MIB, etc etc... and what happens with Jack?

Part 3 may even be the long-rumoured Zombie Hour :-)

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