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The island will sink after the final remaining people decide to destroy the light. Desmond will blow up the light with the C4 that Ben has. They will realize that the light is nothing but electromagnetsism that allows people to travel through time. It can be used for good but also potentially for bad. Widmore wanted to have this power.

Jacob was conned by Smother. She needed him to protect the light because perhaps her life and MIBs life was tied to it. She knew if someone "put it out" the island would sink, and they would all die. Plus it obviously has potential to make a Smokey. Better to stay away from it. But did it really need protecting? Can't imagine that evil Smother was protecting something that good or pure or noble. Very possible that Sawyer will realize the con.

The Flash sideways is what will happen after Jack explains to them that the only way to kill Smokey is to drown the island. They will have faith in him when he says if they do this they will all get a second chance. Second chance is the flash sideways.

Desmond will promise them in the end that he will make sure that they remember that "whatever happened" indeed did happen in the second chance life, (Flash sideways).

Smokey will almost kill Jack by slicing his throat, thus the fresh scar on his neck in the flash sideways. I also have a feeling that Smokey will be double crossed by Ben who then also gets a second chance at redemption in flash sideways. Ben will give Desmond the c4. He will tell them how to turn the donkey whell to reset time for flash sideways.

Everyone will live again including the Kwons, Smokey will die. Happy ending!!

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