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Hello all...what a ride it has been. 6 years and we are down to 5 days til the end.

Jack : I dont believe in destiny
Locke : Yes you do. You just dont know it yet.

I have always said that I feel in someway this all has to go back to the very beginning...that first day. Jack waking up in the bamboo field...running to the beach.

I have posted a theory on DARKUFO called "ITS LIKE A CIRCLE (ENHANCED VERSION).

I put forth a scenario where Jack has been dead all along. He died in the crash. ATL Jack is the one we have seen all along and that he has to sacrifice his life with David to ultimately take Jacobs place in the MTL.

The best thing about theorys is that you can expand and change them as the story evolves.

Here we go...I still think that about Jack. But, now im wondering if he isnt the only one. Stay with me here.

What if the reason Locke can wiggle his toes..and walk when the plane crashes is because its ATL Locke as well.

Jack fixes Locke in the surgery. Desmond "shows them" the MTL at the concert. And somehow they flash over at the time of the crash.

This all had to happen in 2004 to get them to play out the final game in 2007...Jack as Jacob...Locke as MIB.

Jack gives up David...Locke gives up Helen. Sacrifice.

Im pretty sure we are in for some huge twist...

I dont think we can compare this the "The Sixth Sense"...as Jack/Locke are not dead walking amongst the living...Just from another reality...

Jack and Locke seem to be pulling at each other the whole time...att odds...man of science/man of faith...ATL/MTL...they seem connected from the get go...

Locke had connections with the island from day one...Jack seemed to have a "sixth sense" (sorry...lol)...as soon as they crash occured. Even Kate asks him in the pilot "How do you know all this stuff?" when jack talks about going for the cockpit.

as for why they dont remember each other...or the ATL...I dont know. Maybe when the "see" what Desmond has to show them it all comes together....or maybe im just stunod.

Either way I am hyped for Sunday...its been one hell of a ride and no matter how it ends, Im glad Ive been on it from day one.

Just some food for thought...enjoy the week Losties...5 days and counting to "The End"...I got a feeling when its over we will be right where we started from...ITS LIKE A CIRCLE.

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