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Ben is a Smoke Zombie by Drewsky

Ben's actions on the island in last night's episode "What They Died For" seemed a little strange to me. He is supposed to be working against Smokie, at least that's what him, Miles, and Richard were intending to do. But as soon as Smokie showed up in camp, Ben did everything that Smokie told him to do. He easily gave up Widmore's location when asked and was readily willing to kill people for Smokie.

His behavior reminded me on how Sahid acted when Smokie was around. And Claire. Both Sahid and Claire did everything that Smokie asked them to do, at least when they were in close proximity to Smokie. Sahid broke ranks by not killing Desmond, so that hints that Smokie's control is not absolute but it does seem that he followed direct orders when Smokie was close by.

Way back in the 70's. Sahid shot little Ben and he was taken to the temple to heal. If the waters in the temple led to Sahid's corruption, it makes sense that Ben is corrupted too. Richard even stated that if he did save Little Ben that he would never be the same again.

If Ben is a Smoke Zombie, what else does this mean? It means that when Smokie (as Locke) told Ben that he wanted him to kill Jacob, Ben had little ability to resist this command. Jacob died not die because Ben wanted him dead, but because he was ordered to by Smokie. He did not have a choice.

Further evidence for this theory? What was Smokie doing in New Otherton? Well with Sahid in little pieces, he needed another one of his zombies to do his bidding. He can't kill Jack et al himself because of the rules. So he needs someone to do it for him. Claire might be able to do it, but I don't know if she has been exposed to the temple waters and may not be as pliant as Ben. Ben is a better choice to finish the job. So Smokie was going to New Otherton to find Ben and get him back into the fold.

So Ben is a Smoke Zombie. He is going to be compelled to do whatever Smokie tells him to do. And somebody needs to shoot him in the head.

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