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Point 1. Ghost of Bio-Mom - Young MIB sees ghost of Bio-Mom who tips him off to the truth, kicking off further events. As we all know, unless seen by Hurley, ghosts are usually Smokey.

Point 2. Destruction of Well and Village - You think she could have done all of that herself? That looks like the work of a certain Smoke monster.

Point 3. She takes Jacob to the Light waterfall and instructs him not ever to go down into it because it will be a "FATE WORSE THAN DEATH -- Which, by the way, would be a great punishment if, I don't know, your brother kills me, or something."

Point 4. She says, "Thank you" when MIB kills her.

This seems like a convoluted plan to find her replacement for being Smoke monster which is the actual guardian of the light.
Also, I wouldn't put it past the writers of Lost to want to throw one big curve-ball to us before the Finale. This all being said, I'm not really sure how it could be resolved in the current day in any meaningful way. So maybe I'm just blowing smoke, as it were. Ba-dum-tch.


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