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This is based on a response I posted in another theory, so I apologize if someone is seeing this again. I'll try to elaborate here and see what you guys think.

This is for those of us (myself included) that were let down by last night's episode and felt betrayed...

I hear what your saying and on some level I agree, "Magic" can't be the answer. But let's step back for a minute here... I think Science has it's place in Lost, too, and I'm hoping that in the limited time we have left the writers will throw us Men of Science another bone to chew on.

What are we, as people? Are we our thoughts, our personalities? What is that exactly? Electric synapses firing off in our brain? the religious out there might call it a soul, the Science minded would probably refer to it as a collection of electronic impulses.

So really, whatever makes us "us" is energy, and this cave is the source of that energy. So okay, I can dig it... In 23 AD, they called it a "Magic Light", in 2004, they call it a "Pocket of Electromagnetic Energy". I'm fine with that.

I just need them to EXPLAIN it a bit further than the 23 AD magic explanation. Tell me in 04 what the "Magic Light" is to the best of our modern understanding, and I'm fine. Tell me it's electromagnetism, the core of the multiverse, and without it anchoring all of us in space time the whole universe collapses. Or tell me that it has amazing healing properties, and it makes cells behave strangely, and being close enough to the source can even grant you immortality, or the ability to travel through time! I don't care what kind of psuedoscience you throw at me, just give me something to go on here that roots this in our modern understanding of how the world works.

Even the ancients had SOME idea of how it worked, the building of the Donkey Wheel proves that... (I guess the water helps it move along a current? I dunno... I mean, I'm sitting here typing this on a computer in 2010 and somehow these ancients figured out how to harness this poer without so much as a slide ruler... go figure)

I'm really hoping this is what Zoe is for. I know she's lame, and she's very much a product of Deus Ex Machina and many people hate for this. But hey... I might hate the messenger, but hopefully I can get behind the message itself.

Let me know what you think... I'm really trying to grapple with lastnight's episode and have SOME hope for the final two.



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