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the first smoke monster.... by nikosp

After watching this last episode a couple of times i started wondering who is this woman and how does she know all these things about the island and the light. And after watching the scene with her and Jacob, offering him to drink the wine in order to protect the island i realised something. She tells him to promise never to get inside the light cause he will become something terrible, even worse than dead.

How does she know that? She has already tried it....

As we can see from her actions she has some evil and craziness inside her. She kills the real mother of Jacob and MIB and also kills all these people from the village that were digging to find the light. How can a woman kill all these people and create such a mess?
I believe that the first person who became the smoke monster is her. Then she realized what this light can do to people, how it can make them behave evil and greedy and decided that noone else should find about this.
She knew that she had become something evil, she tried to control it, she tried to prevend other people from finding this, and maybe thats why she thanked MIB when he killed her. Moreover as we saw MIB stabbed her with the knife from behind before she could talk to him, and thats the way the smoke monster can only be killed. She also had a sense of knowing things without being there when they are done, just like John Locke (ep The candidate) knew that the submarine was sank and some people survived.

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