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From the beginning by Jack Moon

Ok lets talk about what we know for sure from a general standpoint.
1.Every single thing that happened on the island up till the bomb went off was reality.

The island could not have had the ability to separate soul and spirit from body because if that happened then the body would be dead so this is really impossible.

The only other possibility is that the island worked like a camera and when the flash went off, if you were in it then you became stuck in the picture and that picture as a negative while your positive didn’t even miss a beat.

In other words the picture is it’s own world and you also exist outside of it not even realizing anything had happened.

This theory would be very hard to explain.

So let’s go with the obvious.

From the beginning (when God created the heavens and the earth) this island existed.

Now on this island was a source of unexplainable power and energy that was given to the island at the time it was created.

This light and energy effected the sons and daughters of men from the time of creation. Every one in the world was connected to it whether they knew it or not.

This island was the source of light and life for the entire world.
Many have written it off as some natural phenomenon but the light is more than that and it’s beyond the realm of the natural.

The light itself is more than light, but can only be seen by man as light because we operate in the flesh and not the spirit. We are limited to our understanding.

The light had to be put on the earth it had to exist but was never intended to be found. I am guessing that Lucifer (the prince of darkness) who hates humans more than anything else, from the time he fell from heaven (with a complete working knowledge of the divine principals that kept the world turning) wanted more than anything to extinguish the light and destroy the race of men.

Why? Because men had been given the world he once ruled.
Now, he can’t put it out himself because he has no authority in the world.
Demons, devils or even angels have no authority in the world because dominion and authority in the world was given to men after Lucifer fell.

The only way demons or devils or Lucifer has a say in the world is to get into a body or tempt a body into doing something.

So from the beginning the Lucifer was trying to find a way to destroy the light because if you destroy this light you destroy the world.

Even though it was impossible to do because light always triumphs over darkness he began to look for a way.

The catch is that Lucifer couldn’t see the light. He only knew where it was. He couldn’t find it because darkness can’t comprehend light.

The only way He could access the light was to find a man or a woman who had the ability to see it and use them.

Ok, this is very long but I am tracing the origin so I can better explain the entire concept of what I believe happened on lost.

I will wait for feedback to see if you want me to keep going with this theory.
Sorry if I bored you.

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