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Endless Purgatory by Tony Rogers

Okay, so let me pose a question to all those who believe that the island was real and the flash sideways was purgatory... is it impossible to believe that the island was also purgatory? The entire show debated the dichotomy of good and evil, black and white, faith and science. Isn't it possible that the first time they got on the plane they were already dead and this was the first round, so to speak, of purgatory?

Meaning, with all that happened; their tortured lives, their destiny or "what they are meant to do" on the island; succumbing to the influences of good or bad. Maybe this was the test, and those that proved themselves were able to move on to the flashsideways; where again they were to do what they were meant to do and then move on to the next phase.

To address Christian saying "the most important time of your life" we are lead to believe that this means they were all "alive" on the island and this was life. However, the purgatory scenes proved to be just as real. Maybe the message wasn't life and death or the real world and the afterlife at all. Maybe the message was moving through different planes of life once each one is finished... striving for the meaning and your destiny in each one.

But who knows? That's the fun of the show right?

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