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The End delivered, no longer LOST by Susan

There is something magical and mystical that has been felt by those of us who see the story from this angle.
All life on the island and the stories that unfolded thru-out the past seasons, including this last season happened as presented to us. We also were able to see their time in their afterlife.

The survivors lived out their lives and all died at different times. Jack's death we witnessed. Kate, Sawyer, and the others on the plane got away as Jack's last smile showed us. Their lives after escaping the island remains a mystery to us up to the point of the reunion memories returning to them in the after-life (the sideways world that is frequently referred to. Hurley and Ben stayed on the island as the protectors of the life force. We know that Hurley and Ben acknowledged each other as a good #1 and #2 so that let's us know they succeeded in doing the job given to them. Ben wasn't ready because he had unfinished business with Alex and Danielle, he still had hope, the chance to redeem his self.
Looking for explanations about who/what Jacob, MIB was/is draws you away from what is important. Jacob spoke it clearly to those at the end. He brought them to the island because they were like him. They were lost. On the island they found themselves and each other and within that they found love, redemption, forgiveness and understanding.
It was a beautiful ending.

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