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What happened on the ISLAND was REAL. all of it.

Whether they died there or not it did not matter, nor did it matter what time they died. When they gathered in 'Pergatory'(the place in alt-timeline)were they witnessed Christian Shepard Moving on, that was just a way of ending the story beautifully.

We rarely saw this place throughout the seasons, (desmond appear to visit it twice) and hence when he realised what it was(whilst still alive), he was able to show the others the truth once they were dead. And is also why he is so happy after he figures it out (when widmore blast him with Electromagnetisum). after that he never stops smileing.:)

I love the fact that the island, is still a mystery, that they were all brought to the island because jacob made a mistake, and he couldnt fix it himself.(wouldn't kill his brother, nor sacrifice himself like jack did)so he showed people a beautiful place and asked one of them to protect it.

When the cork was pulled and the light went out, it was good to see that all the mystical powers/mythology stuff disappeared, (Frank, Richard myles/sawyer/claire/kate being able to leave, richard ageing, black smoke(MIB, FLocke) able to die) and then of course, jack puts the cork back in, leaving hurley to take over, with ben as his 'side kick' or No.2.

When Hurley and Ben talk to each other in (Alt pergutory timeline world) they say

BEN: "Hurley!"(Extremely Happy to see him)
Hurley says everyone is inside, ben says he has certain things to do first (before he is ready to pass on)
HURLEY: "You were a great Number Two..."
BEN: "And you were a great Number One."

Which is to say they decided to stay on the island for an unknown period of time after jack dies. (Which would be cool to watch and know what happedned to them, but Jack was not around to know about it/nor did it affect his life)

IT apears LOST is based soley on the Story of Jack Shepard and the people who meant most to him in his life/altered it in some way.

Which is great, but it annoys me to see fans HATING, not even dis-liking just straight up Hating the story of lost beca`use of the end. There was so much within it, the problem appeard that people just wanted more and more,until the point that they were looking for things that just weren't there.

As a fan who has watched LOST from the beggining im very happy to say, personally, I loved the story of Jack Shepard. Everything about it was amazing. it was a great ride, and I couldnt ask for any more.

It was a Drama, and it was a Good Drama.

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