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The Day that Desmond died by LostnNC

This is by no means fleshed out but it is something that just kind of came to me while thinking about Lost after seeing the finale.

What if Desmond "died" when he turned the fail safe key? But it wasn't death in the normal sense. It was more like what happened to MIB when he was turned into Smokie. Desmond was also exposed to a massive amount of energy contained beneath the island. He later woke up in the jungle naked and was having visions from that point forward.

What if he was "killed" by the hatch explosion but the island wasn't done with him yet so he was "stuck" and couldn't move on yet. That could explain why Desmond was having flashes. Like Christian said about the ALT, time is irrelevant when you are stuck in purgatory waiting to move on. So while everyone else on the island was experiencing time linearly, Desmond was not.

This could also explain why Desmond was “special” and could withstand a blast of energy that would cook the flesh of normal men. Desmond, similar to MIB, was “reborn” with a new "form" after being exposed to the island’s power.

And no, I am not saying the island is purgatory. Not for the Losties anyway. The island time line was real. But what if it was like purgatory for Desmond after the hatch explosion?

What if Desmond was “stuck” in the main time line and was unable to “move on” to the next life? That is, until Widmore put him in his giant microwave and blasted him with electromagnetism. What if this is the point at which he was able to “move on” again.

Any thoughts?

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