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Ok, I have been giving some thought about Jack and Sawyer. There has been a huge debate about them. Some say that Sawyer was destined to die a heroic death from the beginning, and in every season finale people thought he was gonna die, because his story was completed(esp. right before the season 5 finale)

As for Jack, he is the main character, so everybody knew he was bound to survive till the end. But some people think he was meant to die from the beginning, that was his path. In addition, the writers initial plan was to have him killed from the Pilot, but they changed it.

So, the big question is: Which of them will die the heroic death a la saving everybody else?(I really think one of them, or even both will die)

Here is how I think Darlton will make it. The one that deserves and will get the heroic death on the island timeline is Sawyer, cause he deserves it more. He has been a hero from the beginning, even if he doesn't admit. Plus, he is feeling very guilty about Juliet's death, and about the sub deaths. So I think he will redeem himself by dying to save everybody. And that's how his on island story will be completed.

But, he will get the happy ending he also deserves in the alternative timeline. I think it has been indicated. He will understand that he doesn't want to be alone, and he will find his true love, Juliet, once again in the alt. reality, they will remember each other, and they will live happily after together.

In addition, I think David's mother is Juliet(I honestly don't know, I am just speculating she is), and Desmond will somehow take all our losties to that concert, and Sawyer and Juliet will "meet" once again, as well as Jack and Kate will.

As for Jack, I think he won't die on the island timeline. He is the new Jacob, and I think that with the help of Sawyer he will save everybody AND he will create the alternative reality.

BUT I think he will die in the alternative reality because of that scar or mark if you prefer that he has on his neck(which is from a surgery). I think that somehow he will get sick and he will die in front of everybody else, in the concert.

And I think that will be the final scene of Lost. Jack dying in a concert room in front of all our favorite Losties, and the final image will be him not OPENING his eyes, but this time, he will CLOSE them.

And that's how I think it will end

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