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The Circle by samrn

No spoilers here because I refuse to read them. I do enjoy theories and have come up with my own in reading others feedback.

I really have no idea how they will merge both time lines, I only theorize that ALT must not be the epilogue because even to Farraday he has said that maybe these weren't the lives they were supposed to live. And why would Desmond spend so much time trying to get them all together to remember their on island existence?

Anyway, onto how I think LOST will end(final scenes. Jack is now the new Jacob and eventually he will need a replacement. We will see Jack in the near future touching the Losties children--JiYeon,Aaron,Clementine,Charlie(Penny&Desmond's),Walt,and possibly Jack and Kate's child if infact she is pregnant and does not die.

Then years later, Jack and Locke sitting on the beach watching a plane (or some other vessel,who knows) approaching the island. And who might be aboard? Our Losties children all grow up. And the circle continues..............

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