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Dissecting "Across the Sea" by evaristo94

Okay, after last nights episode people have been saying that there were not many questions answered ...but I'll get to that later.

First of all, people are confused on why MIB cannot leave the island. Earlier in the episode MIB found the game and said once Jacob starts a game he can make his own rules. When Jacob became leader of the island, he started to make his own rules. I think that Jacob made it that MIB could not leave the island because Jacob is (or maybe just was) an angry person. He was so mad about having the only thing that he loved taken away from him (MIB killing Mother) that he took the one thing he wanted away from MIB (get off the island).

The second thing is the candidates. This is still a little fuzzy, but I think that the whole part of Jacob's game is that as long someone is guarding the island MIB cannot leave. I think there will be more clarification though because the next two episodes are involving candidates (obviously).

People are saying that "how do we know that MIB built the donkey wheel". Obviously he alone didn't do it but i think the MIB in a well with a giant wheel is pretty spoon fed to us. Maybe what set the island "offcourse" in time (like daniel faraday said it was 30 min ahead or behind in time i cant remember which one) in the first place was the MIB as the smoke monster turning the wheel. It had some of the same effects but he just didn't teleport. He had a lot of time to build it.

Okay, the thing everyone is questioning the most is the light. At first, i was like what is this disney shit. Now i get that she was explaining the light to two young boys who did not know pretty much anything. Mother probably thought this too though (shes one crazy bitch).
Anyways, I think that the obvious answer is that the "light" is just one of the pockets of energy on the island that is towards the surface. The light is obviously something supernatural, but it also has some scientific properties to it (i.e. electromagnetism). LOST hasn't jumped the shark. They just physically showed us the unique properties of the island. The light is actually perfect in a way. It was just badly explained.

It has also been said that Mother was a smoke monster. There are many supporting factors and a lot of plot holes if she is.
Supporting Factors:
--How she destroyed the Village (Old lady doing that seems pretty far fetched)
--Standing over Claudia just like the smoke monster hovering over eko in 23rd psalm(thanks vozzek on this one)
--She is kind of a "whole"(this might be hard to get across) but She is the guardian of the island and the smoke monster. Jacob is guarding MIB is smokey. It kind of seems like one role was split into two(kind of a shaky theory)
--She does pretty evil things (killing Claudia)
--She lies just like the MIB does today
--Please feel free to give me more evidence
Plot Holes:
--She has a body that can be physically hurt
--She has emotions (she feels love for the boys)
--The whole thing Smokey being MIB's original form wouldn't make sense(ill explain more)

The final thing is MIB becoming the Smoke Monster. My thoughts exactly are that Jacob did not kill MIB (couldn't of happened). I think that MIB's soul was ripped from his body and since it was so corrupted, angry, heartbroken, and confused that it produced something of great evil (Smoke Monster) hence it being a black monster and normally dark=bad(not tryin to be racist).

People are confused since MIB's body is dead but this goes back to what John Locke said at the beginning of season 6. He says that Jack didn't lose his father, he just lost his body. MIB's soul is not dead, his body is though. I cannot explain him being emotionless though.

Maybe once MIB kills all the candidates he will regain a body back (not his original its a skeleton) and be able to leave and not be Smokey anymore. This will probably not happen, though.

This goes on what Vozzek said but maybe there are not "rules" at all. Maybe the two men just think they have to follow the rules since their mother told them to and they think rules exist. I think MIB would have learned not to though from his 30 years in the village. I predict hes already tried to leave many times.

Okay.. that was a lot of rambling. Now i want to talk about people saying there were close to no answers in this show that did not matter. I will say that there was a lot of things that could have been replaced with other stuff in this episode that would be more important (MIB after smokeification). But people want to know who made the candidate cave and the lighthouse. I'm pretty sure the creators are just gonna say it was explained because they said in the show Jacob made both. People also said they wanted the egyptian stuff to be explained. I know that the creators are not big on continuity, but the egyptians existed and ended before Jacob and MIB came to the island. This means that the smoke monster existed before Jacob and MIB...

Maybe it existed just as a monster and did not have any particular form to take care of. The creators, I think, will not care about continuity and just want us to assume that the cave drawings in dead is dead were just to illustrate the conflict between Jacob and MIB. People also want to know about the candidates and why MIB couldn't leave, but I think we can kind of answer those on our own. I am hoping for some more explanation on candidates and how they are chosen though. Oh but the ashes would have been nice to learn about. Jacob's cabin has pretty much been explained except for jumping around the jungle.

People are also saying this episode raised so many questions. It only raised a few i can think of that aren't a result of just being a little whiny bitch
--What exactly happened at the village?
--Is Mother the Smoke Monster?
--Is MIB the Smoke Monster or is the Smoke Monster MIB?
--What exactly happened to MIB in the light?

Now, This was an OK episode. It had a good idea, but it was just laid out terribly. Half of the boys being young couldve been taken out.

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