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I picked up on several things with this last episode. First off, you realize that the only other male born on the island after Jacob and his brother was Aaron. (Not figuring in Russo and Alex here). Claire too was pregnant and brought to the island. The psychic told Claire that NO-ONE was to raise Aaron but Claire herself and that this was very important. Aaron was taken away from Claire, just as the two brothers were taken away from their natural mother. Any connections here? Should we count Aaron out of all equations? All other pregnancies on the island were terminated. The mothers or children did not survive. Is this something to easily dismiss or overlook? Do we have an answer as to why pregnancies were unsuccessful on the island?

The other thing I picked up on was the significance of the Wine. It seems that it is the Wine and drinking of the Wine that "preserves" your appearance. I believe that is where Jacob stopped aging. This wine was given to Jacob by his mother to signify the passing of the responsibility of being "Guardian" of the island. Her words: "We are now one in the same". She too never aged through her "sons" growing up. If you remember in the Ab Aeterno episode, Jacob also gave Richard the wine and out of the same cup on the Beach where he asked Richard to be his "advisor" and promised him that he would never die. This to me would signify that Richard would be the next "Guardian" of the island and why he has not aged since that period of time. To me the wine and the toasting of the wine is significant and related to the "gate keeper" of the island. Later in Ab Aeterno we see Jacob hand this same bottle of Wine to MIB...and says "here, this will help you pass the time"....and MIB then smashes this bottle against the seat.

I am not sure how Jacob was allowed on/off the island and "Smokey" left trapped. After seeing the last few episodes of lost, it is my opinion that Jacob can be more manipulative/evil than his "unnamed" brother. He beat up Richard at the beach - showing violence. As a child he was quick to beat up little MIB. He killed his brother causing him to turn into Smokey. Jacob is far from being an "Angel" or deserving to be designated the "good one" . I actually feel sorry for Smokey. He befriended the "others" when convinced he was one of them by the words of his dead mother. MIB was always true to speak of his desire to live a life off the island. MIB's desire was never to hurt his mother or Jacob, but to simply leave. He hurt his mother after she tried to kill him (bashing his head in). MIB was a changed man after seeing the "others" slain at the camp...and was evident at the long stare after-the fact. If anything, that is the first sign of darkness that MIB ever showed. If the "light" went out of him when Jacob pushed him down the water hole...it was not his choice or own doing to go into the light. It was Jacob that caused MIB's "light" to go out , thus being reborn into the smoke monster. So in all fairness, MIB has the right to be pissed off and the right to have lost all patience in his quest off the island.

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