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The last few moments of "What They Died For" left a pretty good cliff-hanger for the finale. However, one thought stuck with me as soon as the Smoke Monster said, "I am going to use Desmond to destroy the island."

We all know Desmond has the special property of being able to survive serious exposure to electromagnetism. What if his plan is to throw Desmond down the river at the island's heart? Maybe what this does is allow the Man In Black to gain his real humanity back, in the form of Desmond. Plus, we know Desmond has been flashing between the realities when exposed the the electromagnetism. I think it would be a chilling little twist to all of a sudden realize that the Desmond of the Alternate Timeline has been the smoke monster all along. Maybe he is gathering them all again "to show them something". Does he need all the candidates to kill themselves in the Alternate Timeline?

It is also a possibility that he is simply the Man In Black, the way he was pre river of light experience. If the Smoke Monster drags him through the light, maybe he regains his humanity, and the evil incarnate Smoke Monster is banished forever. Maybe in the Alternate Timeline has shown the Man In Black that humanity is not corrupt, and that Jacob is right. Everyone understanding what it is that they have lost is Jacob's final point. It only ends once.

Ok, this theory needs work, as I have used several "maybes". However, I wanted to throw out a few of these thoughts. Can't wait for Sunday.

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