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Desmond is working towards 'course correcting' the universe.

He is interfering in the Losties' lives so that they end up where fate had originally intended for them to be (perhaps in the Flash Sideways).

Somehow, the "incident" many years ago affected the lives of the Losties, who were either very young or not yet born at the time. For the most part, their lives are better in the Flash Sideways scenes, but the "incident" created far reaching ramifications that were detrimental to their lives.

When Juliet interrupted the incident and died for it, she whispered to Sawyer that "it worked" right before she died. I think she knew this because she had her own flash sideways and saw how life was 'supposed' to have been (and now would be)

When Charlie died, he died twice....once by drowning in the Looking Glass, and again in the Flash Sideways when he and Des drove the car off the pier. A few years ago, Desmond even told Charlie, "No matter what I do, you're gonna die, bruthah!". Dead is dead....and sadly, Charlie IS dead.

Now, Des runs over Locke, but NOT to kill him. Locke is not supposed to be wheelchair bound. Sun and Jin are still alive, as are Sayid, Charlotte, and Daniel Faraday.

So, if Desmond succeeds in course correcting the Universe, then our finale might go out with most of the original Losties still living, and living the Flash Sideways lives they were supposed to live.

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