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Candidates or Distractions? by Armsoo

Ok this is first time that I am sending a theory and it will be a very short one, so please bare with me!

Jacob became the protector of the Island when he drank the cup of wine (or whatever liquid it was) offered to him by the previous protector (the woman who had raised him). So for becoming the protector you have to drink from that bottle.

But the only time that we have seen somebody being offered a drink was when Richard attacked Jacob on the beach, thinking he is the devil. A few minutes later when they sat on the beach, Jacob brought out a bottle and gave Richard a cup of that, which I guess was the same bottle with the same liquid (The Protector selection juice!). And a little bit later, we see MIB breaks the bottle in anger, which means it can't be used anymore.
So my guess is, that was the last time the drink has been offered to someone by Jacob, and Richard becomes the new protector without even knowing it, also MIB doesn't know about the liquid and its importance. So Jacob brings in all type of people since then to distract MIB from Richard and make him think that they are candidates to replace Jacob, while all the time the real candidate (or the Protector) was already chosen by Jacob. So even if MIB succeeds in killing all our losties or making them leave the Island, he will not be able to leave as Richard will be there as the protector.

So what do you think?

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