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First, you have to ask yourself a question. Are you a person of faith, or a person of science? Seriously, ask yourself.

If you are of faith, you are completely satisfied with things being convoluted and unanswered. Like your point on the questions surronding Jesus. Millions of people just believe and have faith and don't need answers. They simply don't know but choose to follow.

If you are of science, you want to know exactly how and why and are frustrated when things are convoluted and unanswered. You don't want to follow or lead, you simply want to know and understand. You don't want to believe unless you have undeniable facts in front of you. Black and white, my friend.

People of faith will probably me more satisfied when it's over than people of science who want all the answers and will be mad when it's over. Whether intentional or not, the show has pitted this division in real life. Just look at the debate it has caused and questions it has posed. Look at the number of people satisfied with where we are and the number of people pissed.

Jacob is of faith, MIB is of science. Jacob is content with staying with his mom, MIB wants to find out what is across the sea. I'm struggling with the nature of their fake mom. You could call her good because she is protecting the source and finding a replacement. You could call her bad because she stole babies and murdered their mother. If you want to argue that it was for the sake of protecting the source fine, but I think you have to have some evil in you to commit such an act.

Would it be so bad if man were able to harness the source and engulf themselves in it? You would say yes because it created the evil smoke monster. What the source is is not entirely clear. Is it pure good, a source of power, something of the nature of elecromagnetic energy? Would it affect all people in the same way? Unknown. It's a representation of something that you choose to believe.

Which brings us back to faith versus science. Do you just accept the generalization of the source or do you want to know exactly what it is and how it works?

The show has put me through a rollercoaster of emtions. I've loved it, hated it, been frustrated with it and am now content. I am more on the science side but some people forget this is a TV show and a very small slice of the big picture of reailty. You can say the show sucks but you can't deny it's affected you and you care enough to keep watching and come here to voice your opinion. Beautiful.


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