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Where the island came from we may never know, but it exists in both a literal and imaginative way. The electromagnetic properties there create scientific realities that Einstein could only dream of, but there are things that happen on the island that science has no answer for. The island is the cradle of all the world’s great myths. It is Eden, Atlantis, Olympus, Oz, Purgatory, Wonderland, Shangri La and more.

What happens there echoes through our lives and our civilizations because all of us have visited the island. The deja vus we experience are clues that we’ve been there, nagging remembrances of a life once led.
Some of us have been able to turn our subconscious experiences on the island into the great works of art and science in this world. St. John the Revelator was there. So was Stephen Hawking and L. Frank Baum and Stephen King and Sir Isaac Newton. Siddhartha clearly visited, as did Muhammad. Plato? Of course. Lindelof and Cuse? Abso-freaking-lutely.
The island came first. The myths followed.
Let me repeat: The island came first, the myths followed.
“Lost” isn’t based on the works of Stephen King, C.S. Lewis or George Lucas. THEIR work is based on the island.
Every theory you’ve seen here noting the similarities between “Lost” and (fill in the blank) has been correct but backwards.
This island came first.
Though not all of us have been able to manifest our island experience as these great artists and thinkers have, all of us face the same questions they faced and that the Losties face now.
Can we consciously choose to change our own future and the future of our world? Or are we doomed to lead a life that always ends the same way? That’s the question Jacob and the Man in Black have debated forever. Call them gods or immortals or personifications of the human spirit, it may not be possible for us to comprehend exactly what they are, but their disagreement is our own dilemma – free will or fate? -- and it’s a disagreement that could go on until the end of the time (literally) unless one of them finds a loophole to end their clash and eliminate the opposing point of view and create a final reality – one that repeats or one that has a beginning, middle and end. But loopholes work both ways. So what’s it going to be? A final admission of the futility and finality of it all? Or a choice continue believing that we can someday do it right?

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