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Could Sayid go up in Smoke? by Locke4God

I was just wondering about Sayid's condition.

Ok he feels nothing, no emotion, not hurt, no love. He's just a machine. I don't know about you, but I don't believe that storyline is going to end with him taking a nuprin.

What if we consider that MIB has said that his body was taken from him? Could Sayid be losing his body as well? He did die after all. Could he be going through the same process of turning into a smoke monster and the answer of what the smoke monster is won't be told by MIB, but by Sayid?

It may sound far fetched, but consider this. We are sort of waiting for that moment where we get to see MIB convert directly into smoke on camera. How cool would it be if Sayid was the one we saw that happened to instead? It'd be a hell of suprise and give us the same understanding of the character.

And assume for a moment that Jacob's assertion that evil is being contained on the island is correct and combine that with the idea of the sickness. Could the sickness then just been an infection of evil? Could MIB then actually be a good guy in theory, yet he is infected with this evil smoke thing and would spread it if he were allowed to leave. That would leave him as a sympathetic character, while also maintaining Jacob's rightcheouness in holding him prisoner.

The whole idea would make Jacob & MIB feel even more relevent to us as well, if our own losties are experiencing the same powers and effects.

I'll end by saying that I don't think Claire is infected. She certainly has emotion and we've not heard anything about her being infected, other than assumptions. Rousseau's team now, they were infected. They wanted to kill each other, and that's what Sayid is experiencing.

I think something has to come of this condition he's in. As I said, he's not just going to grab a nuprin and a glass of water to make it all go away.

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