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Now that we have a lot more information after watching Happily Ever After, I've created theories that compare and contrast the two Widmore family timelines.

Normal timeline theory:

We know that Charles and Eloise were living on the island for many years, were in a romantic relationship, and that Eloise murdered the future version of their son. We also know that Eloise eventually left the island to raise Daniel in America and push him to become a physicist, so that he would go back to the island and she would kill him like she was always supposed to, even if she never wanted it to happen. She was always stuck on the idea that time must not be tampered with because it could cause catastrophic events.

My theory is that Hawking was her maiden name, and she lied to Daniel by saying his father's last name was Faraday. She and Charles had a strained relationship, so she obviously didn't want to keep Widmore as the last name (they weren't married anyway). I think the animosity came from Charles cheating on Eloise with an unknown woman who gave birth to Penny. Eloise never forgave him for that, and Charles never forgave Eloise for murdering Daniel. Charles still needed to have a relationship with his son so he paid for all of his studies, and knew that what he was doing was for the sake of the keeping time on the right course. Daniel still never knew Charles was his father.

Sideways timeline theory:

It is unclear how long Eloise and Charles stayed on the island (or even if they were on the island at all), but they obviously stayed in a romantic relationship, got married, and had Daniel together. It is implied that Eloise never murdered the future version of Daniel because both Charles and Eloise seem like happier people. She also seemed to never push him to become the man that she murdered because instead of being a physicist he did what he wanted and became a musician. In this timeline, Daniel knows who his real father is, and even has the last name Widmore. Now when talking about Penny, it appears that Charles did cheat on Eloise with another woman and she still holds a grudge towards Charles for that, but they appear to still be married, even if it's slightly strained. I think the conversation between Eloise and Desmond in this timeline had nothing to do with any greater knowledge of the big picture, I think that Eloise was just warning Desmond to not pursue Pen! ny because it would damage his excellent relationship with Charles. I don't think Charles and Eloise were even on the island at all! I could be wrong though!

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